Lidge Didn’t Pitch and Nobody Died


Happ returns to the scene to show off all the reasons why he’s an NL Rookie of the Year candidate (STILL), while Ryan Howard and Prince Fielder took turns being giants.

RBIs 131 and 132 for Ryan showed up on the board tonight, and the six run fifth inning really put the exclamation point of the inconsistent offense we have been faced with of late.

Fortunately, Shane Victorino’s stomach didn’t explode and he didn’t end up screaming at an umpire, so count your blessings.

I was glad to see Happ back on the hill, as the guy suffered an injury at one of the worst possible times for him and us. He pitched well, but what I really wanted was a complete demon of a start, one to really terrorize the Brewers’ lineup, in order to make up for lost time.

I really want him to have that Rookie of the Year trophy, and it would suck if the only thing keeping him from it was a strained oblique.

That just sounds stupid.

Plus, we don’t have to watch Jamie Moyer start again, which is… undesirable.

Speaking of the worst god damn thing you’ve ever seen, the Circle of Lidge repeated itself last night, which I yes, will be commenting on:

*Sound of microphone feedback among awkward silence*

“Um…that was bullshit.”

We’re trying to do something here.  Its get to the World Series.  Brad Lidge won’t get us to the World Series.  I’ve been saying it forever, since early August, when he’d run out of chances to prove himself the first time.

Now, it’s late September, with the number of games left for him to find his form is tick-tick-ticking away, and when it blows up, it’s going to spray sub par pitching all over the walls.

But, after Happ’s 5 2/3 innings of solid work, sub par pitching shouldn’t be clouding our minds tonight.  Its a win.

Don’t pitch Lidge if you want to get used to the feeling.