Florida Marlins Ruin Perfectly Good “Sleep With the Fishes” Headline


“Florida Marlins sleep with the Fishes” was the title I had in my head all day.

“Brilliant,” I thought.  “It’s funny, and it will be accurate.  I’ll even post a picture of a dead marlin to drive the point home.”

Wow, that is disgusting.

You can get lost in its lifeless eyes as it soul slowly slips into the gathering darkness…

So, instead of a leap forward to bury the closest competitor we’ve got, it’s more like an inching forward to not change anything with a guy who keeps poking us in the arm, annoyingly.


Joe Blanton continued to give me reasons to sing his praises in this somewhat of a yawn of a post season.  Nine K’s, seven scoreless innings, and a slider that snapped shut like a bear trap were more than enough to snare the fish in the first game of a double header, leaving them gasping and flopping on the deck; begging for someone to end it all with a harpoon to the brain.

Unfortunately, that someone was Jamie Moyer.  A man that, yes, has made a career out of skewering the Marlins, but today made his transfer to the bullpen seem all the more appropriate.

No, you can’t put all the blame on his arm.  Anibal Sanchez (2-hit shutout?!) pitched a hell of a game, and we seemed to have used up all the offense reserved for today in the first game.

With two more games under our belt, we really aren’t in any worse or better of a position than we were in when the sun rose over Land Shark Stadium this morning (Which, by the way, is one of the cooler stadium names).  Call it a win.

And a loss.

Magic number’s five!

Images courtesy of http://www.attempt.de