Cole Swats Nats; Shane’s got Guts


Ah, the sweep.  The type of win that makes the OCD guy in me a little more fulfilled.  3/3 is just… rounder, you know?  Cole had 10 K’s and a no-hitter through five; it makes it feel okay to call him “Cole Hamels” again.   Anyways, before I spend the rest of tonight arranging pencils, I’m going hurl a few thoughts at you.

  • It’s getting Cole out there, that’s for damn sure.  Between him and Ryan turning into nightmares for the opposition, you’ve got to wonder what it is about September that makes these guys explode.  The playoffs in the air?  Apple cider? Who knows.  Whatever it is, its probably not the same thing that’s making Shane Victorino’s intestines explode.
  • Pardon the Interruption gave a shout-out to Ruben Amaro this afternoon for the acquisitions of Pedro and Cliff Lee.  I guess that is a long time coming, from a lot of people, who were jumping too far into the “Let’s just wait and see,” argument, myself included.  You never think the good moves are going to happen to you, and the next thing you know, you’re starting a couple of guys with ERAs 3 and under.
  • The wins, they creep up on you.  29-10?  I’ve spent too much time complaining here.
  • Brad Lidge gave up a run!  That’s funny, I thought I saw Charlie Manuel leading him out back with a regretful look, a shovel and a shotgun last week.
  • He also recorded his 30th save for the fourth time in his career!  In other words, this is hardly news.
  • What, uh… what the hell’s wrong with Shane?  A gastrointestinal illness?  Let’s hope that isn’t as uncomfortable/disgusting as it sounds, because he’s our center fielder.  Which was apparent when Jayson Werth went after that fly ball and Ben Francisco decided to kick it with the back of his shin.

Get well soon, Shane!

“The Screaming Bullpen Show” flies into Atlanta tomorrow, so let’s see if that spark we got from the chill in the air translates into the south.

Sorry for bringing up pet euthanasia!  Good night!