Phils Take Advantage of the Nationals’ Past Times


It takes a lot of guts to walk back into the lion’s den, after it has mauled, bitten, or merely run at you on several past occasions.  A couple of times it may have been napping and you ran up to it and kicked it bravely in the ribs, emitting a mighty “YAH!” before the beast awoke and turned you into a torso.

Well, maybe not guts, per se.  But certainly an unfortunate schedule.  Those Nats…they got some work ahead of them.

The Phils have taken 13/16 from the Nationals this season, which is certainly one of the more impressive fractions out there currently.  Our magic number is now 12, if the Braves lose and stuff.

There’s something about the phrase “complete game shut out” that just rolls off the brain and into your heart.  His past two outings were shadows of the impressive start he had with us, and he came a-roarin’ back, with a most impressive ninth inning closing of himself that almost led to some sports fans posting tweets infested with jokes a jackass would come up with (“Oh, he’s Dunn!”).

Cliff threw a six-hit shutout tonight, man.  Dude’s on the ball.

Offense!  Saw that tonight.  Taking a departure from the “dead bird on a hot day” style of hitting we’d been showcasing lately, runs came early, often, and productively.  They came from all over, with the biggest hit coming from the Chooch, a guy at the “bottom” of the lineup, but, like Pedro Feliz, capable of great things.

I complain a lot here, amongst these hallowed pages, but tonight we were a playoff team.  What’s that?  “Worst team in baseball?”  I don’t even begin to see how that’s relevant.

Now, I’m off to the drawing board for tomorrow’s puns and YOU WILL APPRECIATE THEM.

I was going to put a pun here but it is hard shut up.

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