‘Scuse Us, Tim, Just Trying to Get By…


Watching Tim Lincecum pitch is like watching an eagle pick off a family of rabbits leaving their hole one at a time.

Fortunately, one of our rabbits is Ryan Howard, who bashed a double to knock in Chase Utley (who remains somewhat baffled by Lincecum’s pitching).  When Chase leaves the plate shaking his head, you know the pitcher’s got stuff that’ll knock your socks off, clean them, put them back on your feet, and knock them off again.

With a 2-1 victory and a spectacular performance from OUR starter, Pedro (7 IP, 1 ER, 0 BB, 9 K), we managed to take two out of three from the Giants, who are gasping for air in the NL Wild Card Race.

Yet, our offense continues to flat line, as we win two games with a combined three runs.

Granted, both victories showcased a fantastic outing from both our starters (neither of whom have been considered at the top of their game recently), but we were playing the Giants, a team that has been known all season to not be capable of getting guys across the plate.

But Pedro!

The announcers kept making comparisons between Pedro and Lincecum, saying the number of Cy Youngs between them (four) and how it was a pitcher’s duel.  But the truth is, I certainly didn’t expect Pedro to perform as well as he did tonight.

I hope some people did, but I never expected him to give Lincecum a run for his money, especially after I watched the first pitch of the game end up just a bit deeper than the left field wall.

Shakey or not, Pedro came out and gave a hell of a show.

Well, this series with the Giants comes to a close, and if you like offensive explosions, then you were probably asleep for most of it.  The Giants have not been producing all year, and we picked a good team to put our bats to sleep to.  Next up is the Astros, one of a few struggling NL Central-ers.

Roy Oswalt and company are not going to let us walk over them, so if we expect to keep getting lucky and let our pitchers do the talking, it will be a series we can’t afford to lose.

But, its September, so that’s sort of a given.