Don’t Jump Off Cliff; Ryan NL Beast of the Week


I don’t even know if that makes sense.

The Phillies proved to us this weekend that they are capable of reversing themselves in a manner best suited for a carnival attraction.  Cliff Lee receives his first beat down at the hands of some Braves, while Brad Lidge looks dominant for the first time in months.

If anything, our pitching staff serves as a reminder that all perfection is fleeting.

It was great to see Scott Eyre out there again, doing what he does, our only exposure to him being his responses to the “Ask The Phillies” segment on the JumboTron at Phils games.  Too many people were asking “Who is that guy?” and Sunday, Scott was all too happy to remind them.

Pump that fist, Scott.  Pump it.

Not to trivialize any games coming down the stretch, but in what will be a much more intense series for the visitors than us, the Giants stroll into town fresh off a sweep of the Rockies.  These guys are under the gun at this point, and the it’s loaded with years of zero playoff berth.

Seriously, is there a better race right now?  Or at least, a tighter one?  I now collapses of NL East teams aren’t out of the question, but the Braves and Marlins have got to be feeling more inclined toward playing for a Wild Card spot than the division.

Its like somebody through a T-Bone into a pack of dogs.  But the dogs were asleep for four months before anybody realized it was sitting there.  And then they all woke up at the same time.

Meanwhile, two guys were standing behind thick glass watching the whoel ordeal go down, one from Philly, the other from LA.

And a guy from St. Louis wanted to watch the dog fight, but he accidentally locked himself in his car.

Do you follow?


Its pretty easy to tell when the thoughts just aren’t flowing.  And dogfighting probably isn’t the best topic to bring up right now, anyway.

Point is, this Braves series was important, and we didn’t let our inconsistent pitching get in the way of game time, even though Lee’s ERA went skyrocketing up to 2.83.

And could Sunday be the start of a Brad Lidge we remember from last year?

Ha, I shouldn’t have said that.  Me and you and everyone else is no position to say that.  Right now with Brad, I’m glad when he does well, but I’m not going to be shocked when he doesn’t.

Oh, and I forgot to welcome in Ryan Howard’s annual August terrorizing of National League pitching.


Welcome, Ryan.