That Brad’s Outta Here


“We just keep going. We just keep playing,” Manuel said. “That’s where we’re at. That’s our closer. That’s the guy we give the ball to in the ninth inning.”

If you dress in a meat suit and sleep in the woods, you can’t really wonder why a bear has eaten your legs.

As I commented on Rum Bunter last night, any manager that would put Brad Lidge on the mound to preserve a lead deserves to have that lead shattered.  What’s being said is that Charlie just doesn’t have any other options regarding who jogs out to the mound for the bottom of the ninth.

Do they still play that “Lights Out” theme song for him when he’s put in the game?  It seems like it’d be a cruel joke by now.

I don’t know if its denial or forgetfulness, but Charlie won’t stop saying that Brad Lidge is his closer.  He’s not the closer, though.  He doesn’t close anything.

Which is why the scenario we find ourselves in, with games being won for eight and a half innings, and then lost in the blink of an eye, is perplexing to me.  Are they concerned about hurting Brad’s feelings?

Nobody was worried about Jamie Moyer’s feelings when that somewhat radical change was made.  He had the most wins for a starter this season, he’s given us so much, he grew up in the area, always wanted to play for the Phillies, he’s 46 years old, blah blah blah BLAH.

None of that mattered when it was time to make a decision.  We had six pitchers and five spots; somebody was going to be watching the game from the outfield.  Jamie, unable to go more than 5-6 innings without giving up 4+ runs, was the clear choice for removal.  But people didn’t think it would happen, because he’s Jamie Moyer, and he’s been around forever.

Well, he’s in the bullpen now, where he’s pitched better and our starters continue to impress.

Why are we so married to Brad Lidge, then?  Why is it ridiculous to think about making another big change regarding an even bigger issue?

A team with a malfunctioning closer is not going to advance far into the post season.

Charlie, if you want to stop gritting your teeth every 9th inning, if you want poor Joe Blanton to see one of the leads he helped protect still be a lead by the end of the game, if you have the respect of your team and your city, then you know more than anyone else that something needs to be done.

We’re beyond explanations.  Its time for action.  And apparently, everybody knows it but you.