June 5, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels (35) delivers to the plate during the seventh inning against the Miami Marlins at Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies defeated the Marlins 6-1. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Cole Hamels Is Also Completely Fine Now Too

What?  You all saw him.

The starter with the worst record on the Phillies seems to have worked some stuff out.  He threw 11 strikeouts yesterday.  As long as we don’t take into consideration anymore things that happen, negative or positive, I’d say that Cole Hamels is pretty well fixed.

“That is a ludicrously short amount of ti–”

Quiet.  It’s a slightly less amount of time than it took us to demand to know what in the hell was wrong with him.

“But that’s not really–”

Yes it is.

“At least let me through the door, this is my stop.”

Roy Halladay certainly has faith in him.  Are you calling Roy Halladay a liar?

The truth is, Cole probably is fine.  His control was flailing, as his walk rate went up and passed his K rate, on the way down.  His out pitch, the change up, was staying in; his heater was getting smoked.  But he’s also done his job on at least five occasions and had zero support in his cause.  His arm isn’t dangling on a stringy bit of arm flesh, so he was going to find his true form eventually.  He just needed a crappy enough triple A lineup to do it against.

Rich Dubee denies 2013’s similarities to 2009, when Cole is probably best known for throwing his arms in the air Chase Utley, something Cole Hamels probably shouldn’t even have the nerve to do.  However, Cole admitted to wanting to “control” too much of the game, something that echoes his issue in ’09 of trying to too hard to be flawless and crumbling when this “possibility” was destroyed.  Plus, he says he’s healthy and has five pitches, so.  There you have it.  At they very least, we have no reason to assume things will get worse.

Beating the Marlins is step one of baseball.  Next up for Cole are the mighty Minnesota Twins on the 11th, a team that isn’t even cool enough to do drugs.  I mean, come on.

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