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Phillies Plan to use Old Barn for Prospect Re-education

The rules of baseball are very hard to understand.

Personally, I suffered from never quite wrapping my head around when to drop the bat.  Is it during the infield fly rule?  If so, what do you use during the sixth inning mental breakdown that people can’t be sure if you’re threatening to use as a weapon as you scream yourself hoarse at your very confused coach?

But professional baseball has a lot more rules than a simple confusion involving the police.  Not only on the field, but off of it, where your problems can extend further than a drunk umpire.  For instance, drugs.  Apparently baseball players are at vulnerable to them.  And even worse, there are some drugs that exist to make ballplayers better.  That temptation must be awful.

That’s why the Phillies are using an old barn to trap their prospects!

Ha, ha, ha.  No, it only used to be an old barn that probably never held any people against their will.  Now, it’s the Phillies facility to educate prospects on the dangers of becoming incredibly powerful via drugs.

Already visiting the place since January have been Roy Halladay, Ryan Howard, Domonic Brown, and the rest of those Phillies people are okay with.  Major and Minor League players demanded expected allowed to visit anytime.  With the facility being located in Clearwater, the Phillies have selected the perfect time to unveil their new barn.  I mean, facility, that they refuse to refer to with a “ph.”


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