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Chase Utley has Series of Secret Meetings Regarding Third Base

We’ve gotten to know Chase Utley over the years as a power-hitting second baseman.  Well, we’ve gotten to know him as much as he’d let us, but how much can we really know about a person who won’t let us in?!

Chase’s intimacy issues aside, he may become a power-hitting third as soon as this very season, a far more common and less interesting scenario, as long as the Phillies have no shot at the playoffs and Chase doesn’t feel like he’s going to make an ass out of himself.  But that’s what all the secret ground ball sessions with Sam Perlozzo and hushed conferences with David Wright by the batting cages have been for.

According to Zolecki, “Utley is taking this potential move seriously,” which doesn’t mean it’s particularly serious, but that it’s something that Chase Utley is doing.  His selection of a muffin in the morning was backed by intense orchestral music.

Just kidding.  Chase Utley is far too serious of a person to say a a silly work like “muffin.”  He also refuses to say “cookie” and “strudel.”  He has a hard time in bakeries.

All of this is coming from the notion that the Phillies need a third baseman in 2013 and by that time, third base may no longer exist.  Third baseman are being laid off with such consistency that the market for them is becoming transparent.  Any proof of this be found in the sentiments of the team’s manager and general manager.

“Both Amaro and Manuel agree the Phillies are better defensively in 2013 with Freddy Galvis at second base and Utley at third base, despite the uncertainty of Utley’s ability to play there. ”

Todd Zolecki

The Phillies would prefer Freddy Galvis and the Chase Utley Experiment on the diamond next year, which probably hurts Kevin Frandsen’s feelings, but also does a great job describing the situation they’ll find themselves in.  No one is guaranteeing that they’ve found the direction in which they’d like the move, but if the Phillies really have brought on David Wright as a Mysterious Third Base Informant, you know they’re not messing around.

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