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Scott Podsednik More Obsessed with Baseball Dream Than Ever

The Phillies’ preseason ended weeks ago, with many players’ fantasies or assumptions coming true.  Most of them, however, were escorted out of the picture, asked to not be a part of whatever glory or shame the 2012 squad will bring.  No one was more disappointed than Scott Podsednik, who was caught in a grapple for a single bench spot with Juan Pierre, and lost.  Sadly, he became aware that he lost several days before Spring Training ended, and was forced to trudge fruitlessly about the Carpenter Complex, pretending to smile when Ruben Amaro and Pierre walked by high-fiving and talking about what an awesome summer it was going to be.

Mercifully, Clearwater-time came to an end, and Scott scraped his crushed dreams together, packed them in a stick and bindle, and road the rails to Lehigh Valley, where he waits, biding his time for the right combination of self production and someone else’s career-ending injury.

As always, though, the clock is ticking.  On June 1, the Phillies can lose Scott Podsednik forever, as he has the ability to opt out of his minor league contract.  Unless the unthinkable happens and the Phillies suffer an injury, Scott will most likely spend his potentially final days as a Phillie wondering what might have been.  But mainly wondering what is going to be.  Because he is far from done.

“No, I am playing too well to [retire].  The bottom line is I am here and I am going to play and try to play my way back.”

–Scott Podsednik, via Marc Narducci

So, you hear that, Phillies?  No matter how much you try and ruin Scott’s spirit, he will never give up.  You hear me?  NEVER.  He doesn’t care if you have both of his legs broken out of spite.  And why would you even do that?  What do you even have to be spiteful about?  The guy’s just trying to make a living.

In fact, when Rudy-esque movie about Scott Podsednik’s (second) rise to the Majors gets made, and he isn’t wearing a Phillies uniform the whole time, you’re going to miss out on a whole bunch of money, and spend the next decade wondering why you didn’t bring him up to spare you from putting Lady Pha Pha in the clean up spot while hitting coach Jimmy Rollins has the entire line pulling first pitch foul outs.

So there.

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