BlueClaws Continue Kindness to Jersey Shore for Some Reason

Oh, those crazy BlueClaws.  When will they give up on the Jersey Shore like the rest of us?

The answer is never.  The Lakewood BlueClaws are a freight train of charitable causes, barreling from one end of Ocean County to the other, then somehow turning around instantaneously and doing it again.  Instead of a path of destruction, like you’d assume a train would leave through a quiet beach community, they leave smiles, hope, and grants.  Sweet, sweet grants–the financial validation that what you’re doing isn’t just not illegal, but good for people.

Fortunately, no trains have done that to the Jersey Shore in a while.  Right now, its just the Phillies Single-A affiliate, making everybody feel good about themselves.  Which is the opposite of a horrible train accident, some might say.

But these grants don’t just go to any Jersey-man, walking to work through several inches of toxic sludge.  They’ve got to be taking action to make their community a better place, like inventing a toxic sludge vacuum cleaner.  And apparently there is a whole big list of organizations that are doing just that.  Making the community better, I mean.  We’re still decades away from the vacuum.

The BlueClaws have a gaggle of charities that are the recipients of their periodic fundraisers, and if you prove yourself worthy, you can join them, too.  But if you’re just another one of those guys who juggles on the side of the highway and considers it “community service,” put the phone down.  You would have to be a pretty damn good juggler to instill the kind of change the BlueClaws are trying to make.  Like, you’d have to be juggling toxic waste drums out of town.

So you can hear the words “Jersey Shore” and roll your eyes at the thought of unappealing beaches and roadside jugglers, but the Lakewood BlueClaws are doing something to take that image and break it in half over your head.  Maybe if you took a more proactive stance you’d be a more effective person.

Just a thought.

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