Scott Franzke Shows Upstart Young Broadcasters How it's Done

You probably know Scott Franzke from all those times you preferred him to the Phillies TV broadcasting crew. Tom McCarthy is a great guy, but I know for a fact that his voice has been the driving force behind at least three grisly murders.

But did you know that Scott isn’t just a disembodied voice living in your car radio?  This and other fun facts were a part of his visit to Delsea Regional High School, a school with much higher connections than the one I attended as a lad.

Scott probably came in very politely while Larry Andersen snuck in and wrote “HOMEWORK SUCKS” on the board behind him.  It was probably a laugh riot.  LA was probably wearing some crazy Hawaiian shirt and tried to tell a story about some pills he took once but the teacher stopped him.

But instead of theorizing what happened, let’s just consult this account of how it all went down.  For instance, Larry Andersen was not there at all.  Scott answered a letter out of the goodness of his heart that requested him to come speak, and he gave the kids the lowdown on the broadcasting industry.  Apparently, he used to practice doing play-by-play, even when he was by himself.

The mark of a true professional is whether or not he is willing to risk people thinking he is insane for his craft.  As long as we have Scott Franzke at the mic, teaching kids to talk to themselves–but only during baseball games–then there will be a long line of future Franzke-trained Phillies broadcasters filling the booth for years to come.

As long as they don’t eventually succumb to the haunting resonance of Tom McCarthy’s seamless transitions… which somehow keeps drawing their attention to that ax out in the shed…why does it… why does it look so… helpful… right now…


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