Roy Oswalt Also Getting Whistled at by Red Sox

The parade of flirtatious suitors trying to get Roy Oswalt’s attention has continued, and this time, they’re from Boston, so they’re extra annoying.

This isn’t like the fling with the Yankees that was all over the headlines a few weeks ago.  This is the more serious relationship, the one after the initial rebound.  Anything can happen here.  I mean, its not worth losing any sleep.  Its over between us and Roy.  He’s not coming back.  And its time for us to accept that the Four Aces are over, and we’re left with a measly three.  Which may be why other teams are so hungry for Roy.  Because we’re hogging all of the good pitchers.

Part of baseball is accepting the inevitable.  How many of the 2008 squad are still here?  Like, six?  And one of them’s Kyle Kendrick.

Look, I’m sure all of you have moved on.  But remember when they would cut to a shot of all four of the aces sitting together in the dugout?  Wasn’t that awesome?  I mean, it wasn’t that awesome because it might have meant Kyle was pitching.  But they were all sitting there together in a cluster of legends.  And they were all wearing Phillies hats.  And we knew it couldn’t last long, but maybe it could last long enough to serve its purpose.

And now Roy’s getting romanticized by the Red Sox, baseball’s gasoline-soaked garage full of old car parts. Gross.

But this is how baseball works; a constantly evolving monster that introduces you to heroes and then takes them away.  So the best we can hope for is that Roy winds up somewhere that we don’t have to see how happy he is with somebody else.

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