Danys Baez Takes Batting Practice Just in Case of 19 Inning Game

The Phillies’ confidence in Danys Baez seems to be increasing; so much so that they had him take some BP for what was apparently a reason.

“I’m pitching multiple innings now, and I just wanted to get more comfortable at the plate,” Baez said, after joking he might get a few starts in right field.

David Hale

This was after what I assume was a panicked mob of reporters collectively scrambled over to the cages to demand just what in the hell he thought he was doing.

  • “Danys!  Danys!  That’s a bat!  What in gods name are you doing with it?!  Starting a killing spree?!”
  • “Danys, would you say you are in the batting cage or have you been trapped in there?!?”
  • “Danys, look out!  That’s where the balls from the pitching machine go!”
  • “Danys!  Home plate isn’t just a weirdly-shaped pitcher’s mound!  Do you think that it is?!”
  • “Look out, Danys!  Here come the baseballs!”
  • “How concerned are you about accidentally holding the bat upside-down?!  Are ‘comic mishaps’ a big part of your strategy?!”
  • “Does this indicate insane jealousy on your part of the two billion hits you’ve given up this season?!”
  • “Danys, you think I could take a few hacks?  Since apparently they’re letting anybody in the cage today?”


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