Here is 1/93 of them.

Things Worth $158.9 million Other Than the 2011 Phillies

The Phillies’ current payroll of close to $160 million blows the doors off any other roster in their history.  If they weren’t perfect players, would we literally be paying more money than ever for them?  I don’t think so.  Case closed.Things Worth $158.9 million:

  • The fourth quarter profits of Delta Airlines (ALERT JEFF FRANCOEUR)
  • 3 1/3 years with the world’s most expensive prostitute
  • The collective costs of workplace asthma in the United Kingdom
  • A 25-year prison sentence
  • prison to spend it in
  • The earnings of The Dark Knight during it’s opening weekend
  • Heightened testing for mad cow disease
  • 34.5% of Citizens Bank Park
  • 100% of Ranch-Glendale Ballpark
  • The Gross Domestic Product of Namibia in 2001
  • Our country’s biggest desalination plant
  • 57 and a half Danys Baezes
  • An Air Force tactical command center
  • J. Turner Butler Boulevard in Jacksonville, Florida
  • A Navy hospital
  • Almost four entire Pittsburgh Pirate rosters
  • Total good exports for Tanzania
  • Exploring a mine
  • The salaries of all principal cast members during the last season “Friends” with enough left over to produce The Tooth Fairy starring Dwayne Johnson
  • The video games sales record in New Zealand
  • A fine from the Environmental Management Agency for failure to include fire safety measures in a waste disposal plant
  • Ownership of the Florida Marlins eight years ago
  • 93 Bugatti Veyrons

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