Mike Rizzo Not Wild About Handing Mike Morse Over to Phillies

“The Phillies kept an eye on Morse’s potential availability all winter, but came away with the impression that the Nationals did not want to do business with a division rival.”

CSN Philly

…unless they could pay record breaking amounts of money to do so.

Everybody’s pretty sick of talking about Jayson Werth at this point, but that hasn’t stopped the Phillies from sniffing around possible replacements for a right-handed five-holer.  It was Michael Young at one point, for a few seconds.  But apparently, its been the Nationals’ Mike Morse all along.

Nats GM Mike Rizzo, in a recent emotional outburst, announced, “I hate the fucking Phillies,” which is understandable, because the Nationals have sucked for so long.  It also makes sense that he wouldn’t want to help them in a whole lot of ways if he hopes to one day use top draft picks earned from years of incompetence and an unending geyser of money to become better than the Phillies.

So, in truth, when the Phillies started nosing into the Nationals business on the hunt for a faux-Werth like Morse to step into his empty spot, Rizzo comically demanded Domonic Brown in return, probably on a crumpled piece of notebook paper with a bunch of frowny faces scrawled on it.

The Phillies continue to play this game as Domonic Brown and Ben Francisco scramble for whatever roles they’re going to fill, showing that once again, the answer to the right field question is a flurry of frantic activity, rather than a solid, steadfast response.

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