It is Dennys Reyes' Turn to Get Phillies' Promiscuous Interest

Just like you, the Phillies are using Black Friday to show interest in things.  But instead of that set of 350 Cincinnati Bengal tube socks for $4.75, the Phils are holding a brand new lefty reliever in their hands, wandering if they can truly rationalize bringing another one home, despite having a very strict list to follow from the wife.

Its Dennys Reyes.

Sure, the lefty reliever is on the Phillies’ radar because he is a left handed reliever and isn’t terrible.  Well, he had almost as many walks as strikeouts in 2010 (25/21).  In 38 innings.  Also he’s got that weight problem people in message boards handle with such tact and sympathy.

Dennys is one of those arms traveling the United States, waiting to be picked up by a time.  Its the age-old stories of capable left handed relievers; there will always be demand, and the real challenge is the fluctuations in supply.  Right now, the Phillies are starving, and wrangling in every southpaw with a pulse.

In a 13 year career, he’s worn 10 different colors–six in 2002-05 alone.  Does this mean he is a spineless mercenary, grizzled from years of endless war and eroded faith in humanity?  If this were a Tony Scott movie, probably.  But its not.  Its Major League Baseball.  So he’s just going to be used until he retires or he’s running on fumes.

So, with 79 Cardinal starts under his wing, he’s sort of gravitating around free agency, and the Phillies are unsurprisingly giving him a peak.  THis will be one of many thousands of rumors regarding the “Phillies,” “left handed relievers,” and “interest,” so get comfortable.

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