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The Circle of Lidge

I was reading an article on Cito Gaston’s decision-making skills in Toronto, and how the “Citocity” influence on the team seemed to leave more fans confused and genuinely concerned than appreciative.  There are complaints that the lineups are chsoen at random, and that pitchers are left in the game way too long.

He’s put Kevin Millar in the cleanup spot consistently…which is…confounding, to say the least, but whatever.  I don’t live in Toronto.

I do, however, live in Philadelphia, where we are privy to another set of questionable public quotations.  For instance, every night, Brad Lidge sprints into the Phillies dug out and shivs Charlie Manuel in the side.

As he’s bleeding out after the game, Charlie shows up for his press conference and, fighting off the darkness, reminds everyone that Brad Lidge and he are best buds and he’s not making any changes regarding the closer position.

It’s called “The Circle of Lidge.”

There’s a supposedly healthy Brett Myers punching his way back onto the pitching staff.  There’s a slightly more consistent Ryan Madson setting up Lidge’s blown saves.  I’ve said it before, but trying something DIFFERENT will at least encourage DIFFERENT results than a loss to a spoiler team like the Astros.

“Hoping that the Marlins lose too,” is not a strategy.  That’s how you limp into the playoffs and get swept by the Rockies.

And now that Shane didn’t play due to injury, it seems the Grim Reaper is sitting in the Phillies dugout, ominously chewing bubble gum.

I don’t know if they think it’s too late in the season to start making changes or what, and I know nobody wants to say anything because we’re probably getting a playoff spot, but THINK.  Putting on blinders is not something a championship team does.

The Yankees have looked like clowns lately, colliding in the outfield, not knowing the pitch count…and they’ll still probably end up with 100 wins.  Don’t act like this will work itself out, Brad’s had almost an entire season to figure out what’s wrong.  Blind faith isn’t the solution anymore, so if that’s all Charlie’s got up his sleeve, it may be time to switch shirts.

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