Who are the only Phillies to hit 40 home runs in a season?

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Dick Allen

The late, great Dick Allen exploded onto the scene by winning NL Rookie of the Year honors during the Phillies' ill-fated 1964 campaign. The all-star selections began rolling in the following year, and it was in 1966 that he joined the Phillies' 40-homer club, bopping 40 on the nose (in only 141 games) in 1966. Allen's time with the team was tumultuous, of course, but there is no denying that he is one of the greatest talents to ever don the uniform.

Allen is regarded by many as being one of the very best players in MLB history who currently sits outside the Hall of Fame, a claim that is bolstered by the Most Valuable Player award which he won later in his career with the Chicago White Sox. His candidacy has been marked by a number of bids that have fallen agonizingly short when considered by various veterans' committees. Sadly, Allen was not able to live long enough to see this dream come to fruition, having passed away in 2020. He did attend a special ceremony earlier that year, however, where the Phillies retired his #15. It was a long overdue honor for a truly great player who had been unfairly labeled during his playing career.

Hopefully, the Hall finds space for him one of these years, but Dick Allen stands as a Phillies legend regardless of what any group of outsiders says or decides. For a certain generation of Phillies fans who hadn't yet witness Mike Schmidt or the team success that started to come along in the late 1970's, having Dick Allen in a Phillies uniform was one of the true highlights of watching the team. His legacy meant more than the mere numbers on the page, although those were pretty fantastic.