Who are the last 5 Phillies to have 200 hits in a single season?

We take a look back through the annals of the Philadelphia Phillies, to find the last five players who have produced 200 hits in a season.
Pete Rose circa 1983
Pete Rose circa 1983 / Owen C. Shaw/GettyImages
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Dave Cash - 1975 (213 hits)

Dave Cash had already achieved the pinnacle of team success, having helped the Pirates win the World Series in 1971. However, it was in Philadelphia where he reached the zenith of his offensive abilities.

Between 1974-76, Cash was in a period of being recognized by his peers around the Majors, with three consecutive All-Star selections. He was also receiving MVP consideration, albeit never finishing higher than 13th in NL voting.

The 1966 fifth round draft pick had already given an indication of what was to come, with 206 hits during 1974. He would be even better in 1975.

As with everyone else but Rollins on this list, Cash got off to a slow start in April, with 25 hits. However, he would then heat up for the remainder of the season and there was no stopping him.

The Utica, New York native had 38 hits in May, followed by a 1975 single-month high of 43 during June. WIth 106 hits at the unofficial halfway stage of the regular season, he was well on his way.

After 37 and 35 hits in July and August respectively, Cash was well-placed with 178 overall entering the last month of the season. He would subsequently reach 200 hits with 10 games remaining.

Ultimately, the second baseman finished with 213 hits, which led the Majors and were the 12th-most in Phillies history. As for the team, even though they missed the playoffs they had their first winning record in eight seasons, setting the stage for the aforementioned run of success during the following eight years.