Who are the last 5 Phillies to have 200 hits in a single season?

We take a look back through the annals of the Philadelphia Phillies, to find the last five players who have produced 200 hits in a season.
Pete Rose circa 1983
Pete Rose circa 1983 / Owen C. Shaw/GettyImages
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Doug Glanville - 1999 (204 hits)

If you were to purely go on individual awards, then Doug Glanville doesn't particularly stand out for what he achieved during nine years in the Majors. However, get past this, and you have a player renowned for excellent and flawless defense.

Glanvillie was additionally someone who was a consistent hitter, until his playing time decreased during his final two years in the Majors. His much-deserved time in the limelight would come in 1999.

The Hackensack, New Jersey native had an outstanding year in 1999. He set single-season highs in doubles, RBI, walks, steals, slash line, OPS and OPS+.

However, Glanville's crowing glory would be to become the first Phillies player in 20 years to reach 200 hits. Not that this seemed likely early on, when he finished April with 26 hits.

May saw the center fielder collect another 31, followed by 37 during June. However, it was only when he had 43 more in July, that people started to realize 200 was a genuine reality.

Glanvillie would collect 30 more during August, to put himself on 167 hits. He finally reached 200 in the fourth-to-last game versus the Cubs, and finished with a career-high 204 on the season.

The 1991 12th overall draft pick would finish second in the NL in hits, just behind Luis Gonzalez who had 206. That Glanville reached the magic 200-hit mark with the team he supported as a child, made his achievement even more special.