Who are the last 5 Phillies to have 200 hits in a single season?

We take a look back through the annals of the Philadelphia Phillies, to find the last five players who have produced 200 hits in a season.
Pete Rose circa 1983
Pete Rose circa 1983 / Owen C. Shaw/GettyImages
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Chase Utley - 2006 (203 hits)

As phenomenal as Rollins' season was in general in 2007, Chase Utley was still the heartbeat of the team. Consider that in 2007, he had a 7.7 WAR compared to 6.0 by his teammate, and when the Phillies won the World Series the following year he had even more decisive 8.8-5.3 advantage.

In any event, this article is about hits, and Utley would have his own moment in the sun in this respect, a year prior to Rollins. He'd had his coming out party in Philadelphia a season earlier, but no one could have anticipated what would transpire in 2006.

This would remain the case, after the 2000 15th overall draft pick completed April with 24 hits - certainly not bad, but not on pace for 200. However, when he had 40 hits the following month, it was game on.

June would see Utley come back down to earth to a certain extent with 28 hits, but then he had a single-month high of 45 during July. With a further 28 by the end of August, he sat on 165 hits.

The Pasadena, California native's moment of destiny came with five games remaining when, as Rollins had done, he got his 200th hit against the Nationals. He would finish with a career-high of 203 on the season.

Utley would also lead the NL in runs, as he earned the first of five consecutive All-Star selections (and six overall). He also won the first of four straight Silver Slugger Awards.

From a team perspective, the Phillies would miss a Wild Card spot by 3.0 games, despite leading the NL in scoring (fourth overall in the Majors). However this does not take away from what Utley achieved, in a year when teammate Ryan Howard was also named NL MVP.