Under-the-radar trade targets to shore up the Phillies bench

Let's take a look at some under the radar trade targets that are likely not on the top of everyone's list.

Cincinnati Reds v Washington Nationals
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1.     Nick Senzel UTIL, Cincinnati Reds

The 28-year-old was drafted by the Reds 2nd overall in the 2016 MLB draft and has just not really clicked at the big league level in five seasons since his call up. Since the recent high-profile promotions of the Reds top prospects, Senzel has moved around the field looking for playing time but has recently been finding more time on the bench than ever before. On the season, he’s slashing .238/.310/.691 and you wonder why the Phillies would want to bring him in. Well dig a little deeper and against left handed pitching he’s hitting .355/.403/.1000. He’s the right-handed utility player the Phillies have been looking for this season that Sosa and Harrison has, unfortunately, not been able to live up to so far. Being able to turn to a dependable right-handed bat late in games that could also play plus defense at multiple positions will help Rob Thomson in late game situations. 

2.     Brendan Donovan – UTIL, St. Louis Cardinals

Likely a bit more costly in terms of prospects, Brendan Donovan is a super utility player who won the gold glove and came in third in Rookie of the Year voting last year. The Cardinals lack serious pitching depth, and the Phillies have the arms to match up to make a deal. The 26-year-old is batting .283/.368/.789 with 10 home runs and 30 walks. His value comes in stellar defense and the ability to be moved around the Diamond. This year alone he has played 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF and RF which is mind boggling just to type. This deal could look like something similar to the Marsh deal last summer where both teams give up young, controllable, and exciting prospects that help the other team.