Turns out Brandon Marsh’s new Phillies teammate is behind the pouring water on his head routine

So apparently, Michael Lorenzen may be bringing the Phillies an area of expertise that may be more than what meets the eye, according to Brandon Marsh
Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves, Brandon Marsh
Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves, Brandon Marsh / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Sometimes, it may be hard to explain some of the weird and outrageous things people do, so when it comes to Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Brandon Marsh and his pouring water on his head routine, apparently the story goes way back, all the way to his days with the Los Angeles Angels.

According to Alex Coffey of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the culprit that started it all off was none other than Marsh’s newest Phillies teammate Michael Lorenzen. When they were also teammates with the Angels at the time, they both happened to have long hair, but Marsh didn’t know how to style it. So he decided to approach Lorenzen with regards to his issue.

"It started because my hair was always dry in Anaheim. And I would go back and look at pictures and I’d be like, ‘That ain’t it.’ So I’d talk to him and Syndergaard all the time about hair. I remember getting some products from Mike, and he told me, ‘You’ve got to have it damp, and then put the product in.’ And then it amplified from there. And I just started pouring and pouring and pouring."

So apparently it was Lorenzen that suggested that he pour water over his head before games and then put some hair oil in it, and the rest has been history, at least for Marsh.

"He was always talking about how dry his hair would look, and I was like, ‘Just get it wet before you go out there. Throw some oil in it. Maybe it’ll stay wet’,” suggested Lorenzen. “So that’s why he gets his hair wet all the time."

Marsh liked the look so much that he brought it over with him when he joined the Phillies at the trade deadline last year. As he took his long, wet hair and long, dry beard look right into the playoffs, it had many of the Phillies’ faithful wondering what on earth was he doing? Lorenzen was probably the only one that definitely knew the answer to that question.

"It was so funny because during the World Series, all of the talk was about Marsh’s hair being drenched all the time,” Lorenzen commented. “And I was like, ‘This is hilarious. I’m pretty sure I helped start that.’"

So when Marsh learned Lorenzen was joining him in Philadelphia, he was ecstatic, knowing that he had the ‘Master of Hair and Hair Products’ once again on his side, as he gave continual high praise to his wonderful teammate.

"His hair routine is a lot more professional than mine. Mine is the Dollar General version. But he’s got a few more tricks up his sleeve than I do. I’m here to learn from guys like him. I’m going to continue to keep learning,” Marsh remarked."

Apparently, Marsh and Lorenzen may not be the only ones with good, long hair looks on the ballclub, as they have identified a couple other teammates that may be joining in on the fun.

"There’s some good flow here now,” Marsh said. “We’ve got Craig [Kimbrel], and I think [Jake] Cave is on the come up, too."

Hopefully, the ‘look’ of Marsh that served as the lucky charm to help propel the Phillies to the World Series last year can once again work its magic in taking the Phillies on the same ride for the second consecutive season, but this time ending in victory.