Ranking the Top 5 greatest shortstops in Phillies franchise history

The Phillies have had some incredible leaders and ball players who have played shortstop over the years. Who makes the cut for the top five greatest shortstops in franchise history?
The top two shortstops in Philadelphia Phillies history, Jimmy Rollins and Larry Bowa
The top two shortstops in Philadelphia Phillies history, Jimmy Rollins and Larry Bowa / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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5. Mickey Doolin

Mickey Doolin was a part of the Phillies organization from 1905 to 1913, in the early days of the “modern baseball” era. During his time with the team, he accumulated 1,077 hits, which ranks 31st among all position players and fourth among shortstops.

Doolin was recognized as a contributor to team success evidenced by him receiving MVP votes in two seasons. In one of those years, the Phillies won 88 games while he hit just .218 with a .262 on-base percentage, clearly supporting the team in other ways than at the plate.

He didn’t quite make a name for himself with his bat as he slashed .230/.279/.306 with just 15 career home runs, but his glove was seen as one of the best in the league and where he added most of his value. His 14.3 bWAR ranks him the fifth-best shortstop in Phillies history.

While Doolin received MVP votes in two seasons while with the Phillies, it didn’t translate to much playoff success for the franchise. The team didn’t have any postseason success during his nine years with the organization but had a winning record of 876-797, which is a respectable record over a lengthy tenure.

After the right-hander left the Phillies in 1915, he bounced around to the Baltimore Terrapins, Chicago Whales, Chicago Cubs, New York Giants, and the Brooklyn Robins before retiring in 1918.