Ranking the Top 5 greatest first basemen in Phillies franchise history

The Phillies are a storied franchise with a long history and have had many great first basemen don the red pinstripes. Let's rank the top 5 greatest first basemen in Phillies history.
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No. 5: Rhys Hoskins

Rhys Hoskins is an interesting figure in Philadelphia Phillies history, but his time in Philly was memorable, to say the least. Hoskins went through it all as a member of the Phillies from 2017-2022. The team finished 66-96 in his first season and reached the World Series in 2022 after a 10-year playoff drought for the franchise.

Statistically, he was a dangerous bat from the right side who provided the power the Phillies always needed. In the four full seasons he played (removing the COVID-shortened season and his 50-game rookie year), he averaged 30 home runs and just under 83 RBI a year. Known for his exceptional eye at the plate, he accumulated 388 walks, peaking with 116 in 2019 alone.

He always loved the city of Philadelphia and showed it with his performance at home versus on the road. He slashed .258/.368/.529 at Citizens Bank Park, and the numbers dropped to .227/.339/.456 when away.

The Phillies franchise was in a tough slump from 2012-2021, and the "Big Fella" was there for much of that. But breaking through and making the playoffs in 2022 was a euphoric feeling for the team and fans. Hoskins was a huge part of the surprise World Series run. How can anyone forget the three-run bomb he hit off Spencer Strider in game three of the NLDS with the famous bat slam?

He was a lightning rod for conversation in Philadelphia but as the years go on, Hoskins’ legacy will be cemented in Phillies lore as a key member of the Phillies teams’ that ushered in the next great era in franchise history.

Unfortunately, he tore his ACL in Spring Training and missed the entire 2023 season, but he capped off his Phillies tenure with a memorable moment, throwing out the first pitch in the Phillies' first playoff game in 2023. He was the bridge between eras and earns the fifth spot in the list of greatest first basemen in Phillies history.