Ranking the Phillies most and least clutch players during the 2023 season

Let's take a closer look at which Phillies players have rose to the occasion the most in the game's biggest moments and who may have underachieved.
San Francisco Giants v Philadelphia Phillies
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2.     Alec Bohm

You would think that the team leader in RBI would land on the most clutch list. Bohm has specifically excelled in situations with two outs and runners in scoring position. Leading the team with 27 RBI in that situation with a slash line of .323/.371/.848. RBI totals are sometimes a factor of where you hit in the lineup and who gets on in front of you, but there’s no denying that hitting with runners on and two outs is an important aspect of the game that Bohm has surely delivered in. In Late & Close situations, he is batting about his average on the season, hitting .288 and getting on base at a .329 clip. His power dips in these situations, hitting just one homerun to the tune of a .704 OPS. Overall, Bohm is the type of player, which shows through his numbers, that stays level no matter the situation. His average doesn’t dip below .264 and doesn’t go higher than .324 when looking at plate appearances by margin of the game. He has done a great job all season at getting the bat on the ball and driving the runners in.

3.     Bryson Stott

It is uncommon for a 25-year-old, second year pro to be as patience and calm at the plate as Bryson Stott displays. His keen eye and bat-to-ball skills translate terrifically to high leverage and clutch situations. Batting .246 in two out and RISP and .264 in Late & Close game situations is not something to write home about but it’s the on base percentage that sticks out. Getting on base at a .318 clip in two out and RISP and .361 in Late & Close game situations is a vital skill and has contributed to many comeback wins. Pairing those stats with Bohm, who has hit behind Stott, has been a lethal combo for the Phillies and explains a lot of their late game success. Stott is also batting .291/.344/.762 in high leverage spots, adding to his lore of a clutch player. He is still young and relatively inexperienced with the major league game and these numbers will just keep improving.