Ranking the Phillies' last 7 big free agent signings

How have the Phillies fared with their last seven significant free agent signings?
Los Angeles Angels v Philadelphia Phillies
Los Angeles Angels v Philadelphia Phillies / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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With the Philadelphia Phillies ready to make a huge splash in free agency to retool their roster for the 2024 MLB season, many big names are currently available in the market that could be in their sights.

One of these players is none other than Japanese two-way sensation Shohei Ohtani. With the ability to make valuable contributions with both his hitting and pitching for a ballclub, he remains the crown jewel in this year’s free agent market.

Coming up slightly behind him is the best closer in all of baseball in Josh Hader and former MVP outfielder Cody Bellinger. Obviously, landing any one of these notable free agents could potentially be a franchise-altering move, but at the same time, it could just as easily end up blowing up in their faces if they turn out to be a bust in the end.

Nevertheless, the Phillies have been notorious for opening up the bank vault to make big free agent signings over the past few years. With Dave Dombrowski’s vision that one wins championships with star players, the Phillies have indeed assembled a bunch of stars that make up their current perennial contending roster.

How has the club fared with these significant free agent signings? Let's take a closer look at the last seven bonafide superstars that the Phillies signed to big contracts in recent years, including one that just took place recently, and rank them based on the overall impact that they've had on the team and their success thus far.