Ranking 5 rumored Phillies outfield targets ahead of trade deadline

There are five new names connected to the Phillies' rumored search for outfield upgrades.
Washington Nationals outfielder Lane Thomas
Washington Nationals outfielder Lane Thomas / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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No. 2: Jake McCarthy, ARI

Jake McCarthy, 26, is a name that Phillies fans might want to file away. The Scranton, PA native was drafted in the first round in 2018 by the Arizona Diamondbacks and made his debut in 24 games during the 2021 season. He's hitting .272 this year with a .745 OPS and three home runs in 60 games this year.

McCarthy is the definition of a platoon outfielder, with little power but a lot of speed to steal bases and cover ground in the field. He's coming off two consecutive seasons with 20-plus steals and has nine already this season.

The left-handed hitter would make sense for the Phillies if they decide to move on from Pache and Dahl and carry a more conventional fourth outfielder for the second half. A mid-level prospect would probably get a deal done if the Diamondbacks decide to sell at the deadline.

No. 1: Lane Thomas, WSN

Phillies fans are sure to know the name Lane Thomas. The right-handed hitting outfielder has been a member of the rival Washington Nationals since 2021. Following strong seasons with the Nats in 2022 and 2023, Thomas has struggled mightily through the first three months of this season, only batting .225 with four home runs and 18 RBI in 151 at-bats.

Thomas' drop in production this season has come as kind of a shock, as he hit .268 with a career-high 28 home runs, 86 RBI and 20 stolen bases last year and was considered a snub after not getting a spot on the National League All-Star team. The 28-year-old's 16 stolen bases this season will likely see him easily surpass his 2023 total, and his ability to play all three outfield spots speaks to his overall versatility.

Given that he's arbitration-eligible for the first time at the end of this season, it would probably only take one top-10 prospect to get a deal done if the Nationals make him available.