Predicting the Phillies' Wild Card Series 26-man roster

The Phillies will release the official Wild Card round roster on Tuesday. Who will make the list?
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José Alvarado

Alvarado is one of the relievers the Phillies will rely on most this postseason. He has experience in the playoffs and nasty stuff. They will look for him to be a shutdown relief pitcher against left-handed and right-handed hitters.

Craig Kimbrel

Like Alvarado, Kimbrel will be a huge part of the back end of the bullpen in any postseason series. He had a great regular season and can pitch in multiple roles. The Phillies trust him in big spots and Kimbrel will certainly see some of those spots.

Seranthony Domínguez

Domínguez has been inconsistent toward the end of the regular season. He has given up some big home runs and struggled with command. The Phillies will still put him on the Wild Card roster because of his track record. He has potentially great stuff and could get tough right-handed hitters out. He may not see as many high-leverage situations as he did last postseason, but he will get some appearances.

Gregory Soto

Soto is similar to Alvarado in that they are both flamethrowing left-handed relievers. Both can struggle with command as well. Soto can certainly get big outs against tough left-handed hitters if he is spotting the ball. Thomson trusts him and it is likely he could be used in some middle-leverage situations.

Jeff Hoffman

One of the Phillies' best relievers this season. Hoffman showed up big in 2023 and has shown that he can get big outs. It is unclear how much he would be trusted in the eighth or ninth innings, but Thomson will certainly go to his trusty right-hander in the middle innings.

Matt Strahm

Strahm has been about as reliable as they come out of the bullpen. He is great for getting out of a jam in the middle innings or going a full inning, especially if multiple left-handers are coming to the plate. Thomson trusts Strahm and he could be used in big spots this postseason.

Mike Lorenzen

Lorenzen's ability to be a long man out of the bullpen probably helps his chances of making the roster for this upcoming series. Since throwing his no-hitter, the right-hander has struggled. He will likely not be used in any big spots but may be needed if a starting pitcher struggles.

Orion Kerkering

Kerkering was only added to the Phillies' Big-League roster during the last week of the regular season. He showed a nasty slider and a hard fastball in his three Major League appearances. His late callup may have been an audition for the postseason and Thomson was impressed with what he saw. Even though Kerkering only has three Major League appearances under his belt, do not be surprised to see him get called upon out of the bullpen.