Predicting the Phillies' Wild Card Series 26-man roster

The Phillies will release the official Wild Card round roster on Tuesday. Who will make the list?

Pittsburgh Pirates v Philadelphia Phillies
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Starting pitchers (5)

Zack Wheeler

Wheeler is the undisputed ace of the club. He has already been tabbed to start Game 1 on Tuesday night. The Phillies need their top right-hander to pitch well in the Wild Card Series and beyond if they plan on going deep into the playoffs.

Aaron Nola

Nola has been a storyline all season for the Phillies. His inability to remain consistent has caused fans to lose faith in their once stable pitcher. Nola pitched better to end the regular season, so perhaps he found something and can roll that success over into the postseason. The Phillies will need him to do that in Game 2 to stabilize the top part of the rotation.

Ranger Suárez

Suárez has not officially been named the Game 3 starter (if necessary), but there has been speculation that he could get the ball if he is not needed out of the bullpen prior to Thursday. The left-handed pitcher would likely be more valuable as a starter if needed. He has experience in the postseason pitching in starting and relief roles, so it will be interesting to see how Thomson decides to use him.

Taijuan Walker

Walker likely will not get many starts in the postseason if it is avoidable. The right-hander really struggled down the stretch and does not look like a viable option to go deep into games. The Phillies may put him on the roster to come in out of the bullpen for this series and see how he manages. He could lose his roster spot to someone like Yunior Marte if the Phillies do not trust Walker.

Cristopher Sánchez

Sánchez had been a bright spot for the Phillies since he became the fifth starter early on in the summer. As another left-hander he could be useful in the postseason in both starting and relief roles. He likely would not start a game in a three-game series, but his changeup and his overall performance this season should have earned him a spot on the Wild Card roster.