Predicting the Phillies' Wild Card Series 26-man roster

The Phillies will release the official Wild Card round roster on Tuesday. Who will make the list?
Pittsburgh Pirates v Philadelphia Phillies
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Outfielders (5)

Kyle Schwarber

While Schwarber will not be playing in the outfield in the postseason, he still falls into this category as he may have to barring injury or some other unforeseen circumstance. The Phillies' designated hitter had quite a unique season as he hit below .200, yet still managed to log an OPS of .817 and hit 47 home runs. Schwarber hit some big home runs in the 2022 postseason and the Phillies will look to their slugger to hit more in 2023.

Nick Castellanos

Like Schwarber, Castellanos will be in the lineup every postseason game. He had a great bounce back season in 2023. Just like Bohm, Realmuto, and Turner, his right-handed bat will be invaluable in the Wild Card series. The Phillies will need him to have a big series if they plan to advance to the NLDS.

Brandon Marsh

Marsh did not really play against left-handed pitching in the final months of the regular season. There is a chance that he does not start one or both of the two games in which Miami is starting a left-handed pitcher. It would be likely that he would come off the bench after the starter is removed to hit against right-handed relievers. His ability to play both left and center field gives him some versatility.

Johan Rojas

Rojas has been a surprisingly good call up for the Phillies. In his first season in the Major Leagues, it is very likely that he could be the starting center fielder in the Wild Card round. His above-average defense makes him invaluable, besides, his bat has been better than many anticipated.

Cristian Pache

Pache struggled offensively late in the season. It is unclear whether he will get starts or be used as a defensive replacement. Like Rojas, Pache is an above-average defender and can play multiple outfield positions. He should be valuable in a short series.