Ranking 5 potential Phillies bullpen trade deadline targets

Here's how likely we think it is that the Phillies will land some rumored bullpen trade deadline targets.
Miami Marlins closer Tanner Scott
Miami Marlins closer Tanner Scott / Orlando Ramirez/GettyImages
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No. 2: Carlos Estévez, Los Angeles Angels

The Los Angeles Angels are definitely going to be trade deadline sellers in the next few weeks as they currently have an uninspiring 37-54 record and are navigating another lost season due largely to superstar Mike Trout spending considerable time on the IL.

The Angels will have some intriguing trade pieces for sale, and one of those, according to Robert Murray of Fansided, is right-handed closer Carlos Estévez. The June AL Reliever of the Month is having another stellar season as the primary closer for the Angels. Heading into Wednesday's game he has converted 16 of his 19 save opportunities when called upon in the ninth inning. He sports a 2.89 ERA with 28 strikeouts in 28 innings while only allowing four walks.

The Phillies and Angels have a history of making trades together at the deadline, with Brandon Marsh for Logan O'Hoppe being one of the most recent examples. Estévez will be a free agent at the end of this season, so a package sending one top 10 prospect to the Angels could probably get a deal done. Estévez's market is sure to expand quite a bit over the next few weeks. Trading for Estévez seems very possible for the Phillies.