Phillies president explains the team's trade deadline approach

It sounds like Dave Dombrowski isn't jumping the gun with the Phillies' approach to the July 30 MLB trade deadline.
Philadelphia Phillies president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski spoke about his trade deadline approach recently
Philadelphia Phillies president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski spoke about his trade deadline approach recently / Bob Levey/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Phillies have been one of MLB's best clubs for several weeks. Despite losing their last two series versus the Colorado Rockies and San Francisco Giants, Philly has performed tremendously. Their 39 wins are the most in the majors, and they'll certainly be buyers come the July 30 MLB trade deadline.

Phillies president explains the team's measured trade deadline approach

Dave Dombrowski was a guest on the May 21 episode of the New York Post's "The Show" podcast with Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman. The Phillies president of baseball operations touched on several team topics including the fantastic play of infielder Alec Bohm and starting pitcher Ranger Suárez.

He also mentioned how the team will approach the trade deadline.

Sherman, who commented the team could use more bullpen help, asked Dombrowski about a successful team's approach to the deadline with two months remaining until July 30. The Phillies executive said: "If we stay relatively healthy we have a chance to be in the battle with anybody when it comes to the end. So when any opportunity exists [to get better], you'll engage in it."

Aside from Trea Turner's hamstring injury, the Phillies haven't had many key players miss extensive time so far this season. However, that can change at any time.

The Atlanta Braves' bad luck with season-ending ailments to key players such as pitcher Spencer Strider (right elbow UCL damage) and right fielder Ronald Acuña Jr. (torn left ACL), proves how quickly devastating injuries to core players can alter a team's season. While the Phillies' rival still has plenty of talent, they will miss these two players should they make the playoffs.

Dombrowski isn't going to jump the gun on any early trades

However, Dombrowski mentioned the downside of trying to improve the club with two months remaining before the deadline.

"If you engage now, it really has to be the right acquisition for you because the closer you get to the deadline, who knows what your biggest need may be at that point due to health?" Dombrowski said. "That's usually what the case ends up being. When you've been around enough you don't know how that will change. So if the right opportunity came up, you'd do it at any time."

He mentioned how he has been on teams previously with players who struggle but manage to improve in the postseason. In the case of the Phillies, Dombrowski noted the performance of reliever Seranthony Domínguez.

"Seranthony's got a great arm," Dombrowski said. "He's still throwing close to 100 [mph]. He's got a good slider, his command's not quite as good. But we've seen that with him before. And then all of a sudden he straightens it out.

"And I remember in the postseason in 2022 he was like that in September and then all of a sudden in the postseason he was fantastic. So you have to make sure that you're weighing all those things and don't do something that you later regret and you have that answer on your own club in that regard."

There are several relievers that playoff-bound clubs could pursue in trades before the July 30 trade deadline. The St. Louis Cardinals' Ryan Helsley, Ryan Pressly of the Houston Astros, and the Oakland Athletics' Mason Miller are a few names that have been brought up in trade speculation.

Would the Phillies be willing to part with any of their top prospects, such as Aidan Miller, Justin Crawford, or Starlyn Caba? It doesn't appear so, as the organization values Miller and Crawford in particular.

However, it's still early and as Dombrowski alluded to, the Phillies' needs may change between now and mid-July. Needs can change quickly on any given day based on a long-term injury to one or more core players, as the Braves can attest. If Philadelphia can maintain a relatively healthy roster this year, that will be huge for their deadline needs and toward their potential playoff success.