Phillies outfield power rankings going into the 2024 season

Ranking Phillies outfielders for the upcoming season. Who takes the top spot?
Philadelphia Phillies outfield power rankings for 2024
Philadelphia Phillies outfield power rankings for 2024 / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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No. 1: Johan Rojas

Topping our list of Phillies outfield power rankings is Johan Rojas. An argument can be made that Rojas' promotion to the big league club in August and 57 games as the team's primary center fielder fixed a defensively limited outfield and was one of the key moves that helped the team advance deep into the postseason for the second season in a row.

Rojas was a revelation in center during his brief time with the Phillies last season. Following his promotion, Rojas' solid play allowed the Phillies to shift Brandon Marsh to left, and for the first time all season, the team had an outfield capable of saving runs and keeping baserunners honest.

While Rojas hit a decent .302 in 164 plate appearances with 14 stolen bases, two home runs, and 23 RBI during the regular season, the 23-year-old was dreadful at the plate during the postseason. In 45 at-bats against tough pitching, Rojas hit a meager .093 with only four hits and 15 strikeouts over the three series. This futility at the plate has led to speculation the Phillies may give Rojas more at-bats in Triple-A to begin this season.

The Phillies haven't made any moves to upgrade the outfield this offseason, so there will be pressure on Rojas to establish himself beyond the slick glove in 2024. His development, or lack thereof, will have a domino effect on a Phillies roster with questionable depth at the upper levels of the minor league system. That's why Johan Rojas ranks No. 1 in the Phillies outfield power rankings.