Phillies outfield power rankings going into the 2024 season

Ranking Phillies outfielders for the upcoming season. Who takes the top spot?
Philadelphia Phillies outfield power rankings for 2024
Philadelphia Phillies outfield power rankings for 2024 / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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No. 6: Kyle Schwarber

Kyle Schwarber in left field in 2024? Most Phillies fans likely hope this scenario doesn't play out this season. If we do see the slugger out in the field, it will only be a break-glass-in-case-of-emergency situation where injuries are rampant and organizational depth is weak.

Still, MLB Network laughably ranked Schwarber the tenth-best left fielder in the game. Obviously, his prodigious power will always be the carrying tool, but if we're combining defense into whatever "metric" MLB Network used for this list, there are 20 other MLB left fielders likely scratching their heads.

While most fans will be interested to see where Schwarber hits next season, Rob Thomson all but ruled out any chance we will see him in the outfield in 2024. If the Phillies learned anything from Schwarber's extended look in left, it's that he best serves the team's needs as the everyday DH. For that reason, Kyle Schwarber ranks No. 6 in the Phillies outfield power rankings.

No. 5: Jake Cave

Jake Cave is the type of solid bench player all good major league teams have at the ready when positional versatility needs arise during the season. The 31-year-old veteran recently spoke with That Ball's Outta Here about the challenges of his role as a bench player for the Phillies and how he stays prepared to fill in wherever the team needs him.

Cave's defensive versatility was on full display in a 2023 season that saw him appear in 46 games in all three outfield positions. Cave saw most of his time in left (35 games) but also appeared in right (11 games) and center (1 game). Cave also saw time at first base, logging 17 appearances during the season.

It's safe to assume that Cave will fill a similar role for the Phillies this season. Depending on how Johan Rojas' bat develops, we'll likely see Cave pinch hit in late-game situations and find his way over to a corner outfield position during the eighth or ninth innings in close games. While Cave provides valuable depth and versatility for the Phillies, an everyday role for the team in 2024 is unlikely. That's why Jake Cave ranks No. 5 in the Phillies outfield power rankings.