Phillies’ Nike City Connect uniforms will be here soon, for better or for worse

Phillies fans won't have to wait long to find out what the team's City Connect jerseys actually look like.

Philadelphia Phillies' Nike City Connect jerseys will debut in April
Philadelphia Phillies' Nike City Connect jerseys will debut in April / Casey Sykes/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Phillies are now in the home stretch of spring training with under two weeks of camp remaining. And while this spring training will be remembered fondly for some great moments on the field, this spring will also be remembered for something else.

Welcome to 2024. The year of the uniform.

The uproar caused by Nike's controversial new uniform designs has been a constant gripe for players and fans alike. With the Phillies soon to release the long-awaited City Connect jerseys, the debate over the quality of uniforms doesn't appear to be going anywhere soon. Back in January, X user Mo (@Gottagoto_MOs) got the debate started when he posted a photo of what looks like a leaked Phillies City Connect jersey listed on eBay.

While no official announcement about the authenticity of the mysterious jersey have been made since, the strange looking uniform top seems more inspired by the characters on "Beavis and Butthead's" t-shirts than the intended nod to the city of Philadelphia's flag. I guess we'll all just have to keep an open mind until the uniform bottoms and hat are released?

But seriously? How ugly is this thing?

The Phillies will officially unveil the new City Connect uniform's soon

We now have an idea of when we will get our first look at the new City Connect jerseys. In a recent article from Phillies insider Todd Zolecki about Bryce Harper's passion for referencing the Philadelphia area with custom cleats and other uniform-related gear, he gave us the first hint at when the new uniforms will debut in 2024.

"Harper already designed his cleats for the Phillies’ new City Connect uniforms, which will debut in April," writes Zolecki. "He has special cleats for the London Series in June. He has Wawa-inspired cleats and he has Phanatic cleats for Opening Day, which has become a tradition."

While the specific date has yet to be revealed, Phillies fans can circle April on their calendars to get a first look at the new City Connect jerseys. Until then, the great uniform debate of 2024 rages on.