Phillies News: Spring training standouts, broadcast team update, more

Zack Wheeler of the Philadelphia Phillies
Zack Wheeler of the Philadelphia Phillies / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Spring training for the Philadelphia Phillies is ramping up. With games starting Saturday, the goal of the early part of camp has been to get guys in shape while ensuring everyone is healthy going into the start of the spring training schedule. So far, the mission seems to have been accomplished.

However, that hasn't kept a couple of Phillies pitchers from standing out at camp. During the first full day of squad workouts on Tuesday, Zack Wheeler and José Alvarado made guys look silly. It certainly isn't unusual for pitchers to be ahead of hitters early, but it is nice to hear Wheeler and Alvarado are looking sharp.

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Elsewhere, the Phillies radio broadcast got some stability after giving extensions to the TV broadcast, as Kevin Stocker received a multi-year contract. Stocker is the Phillies' radio color analyst for road games, while Larry Andersen will continue to be on most home radio broadcasts.

MLB News

We had an actual transaction yesterday as the Twins continued to add depth to their roster. They reportedly signed Donovan Solano to a one-year deal. At this point in the calendar, there aren't many noteworthy moves left to make, but Solano is at least an interesting platoon and depth option.

Over in the Bronx, the Yankees could be giving us a new look at their outfield alignment. There is a notion out there that Giancarlo Stanton plays better when he plays in the field, so one idea the Yanks have floated is giving him more time in right field and shift Aaron Judge over to left field on those days. This is an outside-the-box idea, but if they can get Stanton going — in addition to the known quantity that is Aaron Judge — that offense could get out of hand in a hurry.