Phillies News: Edmundo Sosa in center field?, Andrew Painter's ascent, more

Edmundo Sosa of the Philadelphia Phillies
Edmundo Sosa of the Philadelphia Phillies / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Things down at the Philadelphia Phillies spring training camp are getting interesting. The usual competition for the last couple of spots on the roster are taking place, but the real intrigue is what is currently happening in center field and the rotation.

While Brandon Marsh appears to be a capable centerfielder, one area the team could shore up is a right-handed batter that can also play center in matchups that warrant it. The Phillies have a couple bench options left, but one name added to the mix is Edmundo Sosa. Given Sosa has been a utility infielder for most of his career, this is certainly an interesting option the Phillies are entertaining.

More Phillies News

If you are looking strictly at which Phillies prospect has the most buzz, the answer is clearly Andrew Painter. Even though Painter will not turn 20 until April, he is making a strong case to open the season with the big-league club. Here is a look at the story behind his ascent, from the amateur ranks to being on the cusp of a MLB debut as one of baseball's top pitching prospects.

If you are looking for "nightmare fuel," look no further, as someone thought it was a good idea to let an AI generate images of the Phillie Phanatic. The result was essentially as if Tim Burton designed Kermit the Frog for a horror movie that ensures kids never want to go to baseball games.

MLB News

Elsewhere in the league, Jason Heyward is generating some buzz from Dodgers spring training. The rumor is that he has made (another) swing adjustment, and if you believe his long-time friend Freddie Freeman, the results will surprise Dodger fans in a good way.

Over in Mets camp, owner Steve Cohen talked about his offseason spending spree. Unsurprisingly, Cohen is completely unapologetic and went as far as to note that other owners agreed that he has done nothing wrong whatsoever … at least in terms of the current rule in place. As for whether those rules could change because of his "spendy" ways, well … we shall see.