Phillies Mid-Season Grades - Part 2: Pitchers

Let's continue to check in on the players performance, this time a closer look at the pitching staff.
Philadelphia Phillies v Arizona Diamondbacks
Philadelphia Phillies v Arizona Diamondbacks / Chris Coduto/GettyImages
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Andrew Vasquez

Vasquez has seemingly come out of know where. Another fridge piece of the roster that Dave Dombrowski has worked his magic on. In 26 games he has only given up a total of seven earned runs while pitching multiple innings in 14 of those 26 games. He has an era of 1.70 which is significantly lower than the career era of 3.27. Caleb Cotham and the rest of the Phillies coaches have clearly found something that they can work with and are getting the most out of the 29-year-old. Similar to Strahm, a player like Vasquez can be found on every successful, playoff bound team. 

Grade: A-

Christopher Sanchez

The best way to describe Sanchez’s season is that it’s been “fine”. As the 5th starter, he has, more or less, done his job. In 4 starts, he has accumulated an era of 3.26 and has averaged just under five innings a game. The 5th starter doesn’t have to blow the other team away but there is value in lasting longer into the game and being an innings eater. It’s been helpful that he has faced two of the worst teams in the league in the A’s and Nationals and a spiraling Mets team. Don’t be surprised if Dombrowski makes a move to bring in another starter who will ultimately take his spot in the rotation. 

Grade: C+