Phillies Mid-Season Grades - Part 2: Pitchers

Let's continue to check in on the players performance, this time a closer look at the pitching staff.
Philadelphia Phillies v Arizona Diamondbacks
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Aaron Nola

Nola is the lightning rod for controversy on this pitching staff. Is he or is he not an ace? Is he made for the big games? Should the Front Office extend him or let him hit the open market? Whatever you may believe, what is with absolute certainty is the Phillies need him to play and play at a high level. It’s been a rocky year with a lot of ups and downs for Nola. He ends the first half with a 4.51 era but pitched at least six innings in 13 starts. He has gone eight innings allowing one earned run against the Astros but has also squandered multiple big leads and has given up at least four earned runs in three of his last four starts. Nola is set to be a free agent this year and I can’t remember the last Phillies players where fans are this divided on whether to bring him back. Nola needs to step up in order for the Phillies to continue their playoff push into the second half. 

Grade: B-

Taijuan Walker

Forget June Kyle, June Tai is here! After a very disappointing beginning of the year he has heated up majorly. In his first nine starts of the year he gave up 30 earned runs amounting to a 6.53 era. In six June starts he’s given up a total of six earned runs (three earned runs in his last five starts) and lowering his season era to 3.93. The Phillies would not have made their significant turnaround if it weren’t for Walker’s resurgence. It’s hard to ask more from a 4th starter in the rotation. Phillies hope that June Tai carries over into the rest of the year. 

Grade: B+, The last month has been outstanding, but the bumpy start brings the Phillies 4th starter to the B range.