Phillies Mid-Season Grades - Part 2: Pitchers

Let's continue to check in on the players performance, this time a closer look at the pitching staff.

Philadelphia Phillies v Arizona Diamondbacks
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Zack Wheeler

Wheeler is as consistent as they come. He trots out onto the field every fifth game and gives this team a chance to win in (almost) every game he starts. Though he has had a few rough outings and some bad luck when it comes to weak hits and bad timing, he has shown why he is an Ace of this team.

He boasts an ERA of 3.86 at the midway point which is inflated by a couple of tough starts in June against the Mets and Nationals. In the other three starts in June, he combined to throw 19.1 innings while giving up just two earned runs. After the World Series run and the plethora of innings pitched last year, it’s good to see Wheeler has kept up his work horse persona.

Grade: B

Ranger Suárez

Is there a more “cool” pitcher than Ranger Suarez? He oozes calmness, stability, and confidence. It’s very Cliff Lee-esque (who doesn't remember that casual pop up from Lee in the 2009 World Series?).

Suárez started the season on the IL and it seemed he was still getting warmed up in his first four starts. He ended May with a 7.19 era and did not look like the stone-cold killer we know. However, In five June starts he has given up just four earned runs over 33.1 innings. His era currently sits at 3.18 and he looks more comfortable than ever. The Phillies are desperate for a bonafide third starter and Ranger has shown he can be that guy. 

Grade: A