Phillies Mid-Season Grades - Part 1: Position Players

Time to check in on each player at the midseason mark.

Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies
Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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Kyle Schwarber

Schwarber’s season is a mystery. Though his average is low, his strikeouts are high and is defensive is atrocious, he leads the team in home runs and walks and is third in RBI. He is a major presence in the clubhouse and the leader of the team. Since Thomson moved him to the leadoff spot, the Phillies are 18-7 and "June Kyle" has come alive. This was, by far, the hardest player to grade. 

Grade: B-, The accounting stats are great (homers, RBI, walks) but the defense and batting average is just not up to par. 

Brandon Marsh

Aside from proving the comedic relief to this team and leading the Day Care in post game celebrations, Marsh’s biggest contribution has been the stability he has brought to the organization in center field. He seemingly makes all the plays you would hope and expect in the field. At the plate he has figured it out with the help of Kevin Long and is now hitting .279/.358/.463 with an .820 OPS. Thomson protects him a bit from facing lefties but he is as solid as can be in CF.

You can’t ask for much more from a low cost, non-superstar member of the team. 

Grade: A-