Phillies Mid-Season Grades - Part 1: Position Players

Time to check in on each player at the midseason mark.
Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies
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Bryson Stott

Stott has singlehandedly solidified the second base position for this team. He has been one of the Phillies most consistent players on both sides of the ball. He ranks sixth in the National League with a batting average of. 294. He Looks comfortable and has made all the plays you'd like to see at second base. Until recently, Rob Thomson has moved him all over the lineup and it shows his versatility as he continues to hit no matter where he's placed. 

Grade: A, Can’t ask for much more from Stott. 

Trea Turner

Right or wrong, when you are given a $300 million contract your expectations will be high. That being said, Turner has underperformed this year and has been a disappointment in comparison to what we have come to expect from the All-Star shortstop. He has shown signs of getting comfortable and of rounding into form, but we have yet to see the consistency that this team craves. There are signed to expect a big second half, but the first half is undoubtedly underwhelming.

Grade: C, Looking for a big second half as he gets comfortable.