Phillies Mid-Season Grades - Part 1: Position Players

Time to check in on each player at the midseason mark.
Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies
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J.T. Realmuto

As two-way catchers go, Realmuto pretty much tops the list. He has not disappointed behind the plate. According to ESPN, he’s tied for sixth in dWAR with 0.6 and by the eye test has looked as solid as ever. He is as dependable as he has ever been as he has appeared in an astonishing 74 games out of the Phillies first 81 which is six more games than the next highest catcher. At the plate is where it’s been a bit disappointing this year. In the first half, he’s slashing .244/.303/.455 with a .759 OPS, eight home runs and 28 RBI. He showcases his elite athleticism with his 10 stolen bases and smart base running.

Grade: B-, simply because of his dependability and plus catching otherwise we are looking at a C.

Alec Bohm

Bohm started the year as one of the team's most consistent hitters but has recently been in a slide that brings his slash line to .277/.322/.427 with a .749 OPS. However, he is tied for the team lead in RBI with 48. One thing worth pointing out is that he has not been any good defensively but has not been the liability we all thought he was in the past. He has shown significant versatility as he has switched back and forth at third base and first base while the Phillies still figure out what to do permanently at first base for the rest of the year. We are all waiting for him to finally realize the home run power we have envisioned for him in the past.

Grade: B, Looking for more consistency at the plate and in the field.