Phillies making some welcome changes to their 2024 spring training hats

With spring training on the horizon, the Phillies introduced new spring training hats that feature the Liberty Bell logo.
Philadelphia Phillies announce new spring training hats
Philadelphia Phillies announce new spring training hats / Mark Cunningham/GettyImages

Major League Baseball is getting everyone excited for the start of spring training by releasing new and improved spring training caps for the 2024 season. The collection features bright colors and unique logos and will be worn by players and coaches exclusively during spring training.

The Philadelphia Phillies hat is awesome. It's bright red with the well-known, long-forgotten Liberty Bell logo front and center. The Liberty Bell patch is dark blue with a white outline, contrasting nicely on top of the red.

Each hat also features a 2024 MLB spring training home plate logo with a palm tree (for Grapefruit League teams) or a cactus (for Cactus League teams) on the side, filled in with the teams' respective colors.

The Phillies haven't utilized their iconic Liberty Bell logo for spring training hats in over ten years. They are bringing it back the same year the team is expected to announce brand-new City Connect jerseys. What better way to connect with the city of Philadelphia than with the Liberty Bell?

The hats look great, but how can players and fans expect these hats to fit? The caps will be available in multiple styles: adjustable, fitted, snapback, and flex. MLB partnered with New Era Hats & Apparel to design these trendy caps. Not only did they upgrade the look, but they've also upgraded the fabric, doing away with mesh backing for a more cohesive fit.

To add to the fun, fans can also get new batting practice caps. Usually, the spring training hats are also worn in batting practice during the regular season, but this year, MLB is dropping a completely different collection of hats, according to Chris Creamer of SportsLogos.Net. The Phillies’ new batting practice bats dropped on Wednesday, and they’re amazing.

Phillies fans can expect to see these new spring training hats on the field very soon as the first spring training game is scheduled for Feb. 24. Philly fans can also support the team and rock the Liberty Bell themselves by buying a hat here!