Latest proposed Phillies trade for Luis Robert Jr. includes a massive prospect haul

The trade sees the Phillies send four Top 30 prospects to the White Sox in what looks like a risky and costly deal.
Atlanta Braves v Chicago White Sox
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One of the hottest commodities for the upcoming July 30 trade deadline, Chicago White Sox star outfielder Luis Robert Jr. would definitely be a strong addition to any contending team, including the Philadelphia Phillies. But one thing is certain: The asking price for such a young, budding superstar will be astronomical in terms of prospect capital.

A previously proposed trade by Bleacher Report included fewer Phillies prospects but would be disastrous for the future. The mock deal was laden with top names that fans won't want to see moved, like Aidan Miller (No. 2) and Justin Crawford (No. 4).

Latest proposed Phillies trade for Luis Robert Jr. includes a massive prospect haul 

As Joel Reuter of Bleacher Report suggests, the latest proposed trade between the Phillies and the White Sox would net Chicago a huge haul of talent from the Phillies farm system.

In the deal, the Phillies would receive Robert and reliever John Brebbia, while the White Sox would land pitcher Mick Abel (No. 3), shortstop Starlyn Caba (No. 5), catcher Eduardo Tait (No. 8) and pitcher Samuel Aldegheri (No. 23).

With Brebbia playing more of the role of a throw-in, the deal sacrifices three of the Phillies’ Top 10 prospects, along with an overachieving standout, to obtain Robert. Robert is great, but is he so great that Philadelphia should empty a fair chunk of their top prospects in one go?

After all, Robert has struggled so far in 2024, missing almost two months of the season due to a right hip flexor strain. When he has played, he has compiled just a .207 batting average and a .285 on-base percentage with a whopping 42 strikeouts in just 111 at-bats.

Nevertheless, he has remained productive with 18 runs scored, nine home runs and 13 RBI in 30 games. When on his game and healthy, Robert can potentially be a 30+ home run and 90+ RBI man while hitting for a decent average, given his .274 career mark. However, the key part was that the 26-year-old has had trouble staying healthy in his tenure with the White Sox so far in his MLB career.

Would the Phillies be willing to part with so many prospects?

Projected to be a front-end starter for the future of the Phillies, Abel has had a down season thus far in 2024. He has posted a disappointing 2-7 record with a 6.79 ERA and 1.83 WHIP with 43 walks and 54 strikeouts in 59 2/3 innings pitched. Nevertheless, his potential is still there if he manages to work out his problems.

As for Caba, he has put his tremendous plate discipline and speed on display with the FCL Phillies this year. The 18-year-old has 28 stolen bases in just 35 games played, along with walking 37 times while striking out only 24 times. His power and hitting are still a work in progress, but at least the peripherals have been encouraging.

Tait has been dynamite in June for the FCL Phillies. With his recent surge, he has brought his season average up to a solid .284 with an .843 OPS, with 18 runs scored, eight doubles, five home runs and 35 RBI in 35 games. He certainly has all the traits and abilities to be the Phillies’ catcher of the future.

Aldegheri has been annihilating hitters at the High-A level, striking out a whopping 83 batters in just 59 innings of work while sporting a strong 2.75 ERA and 0.97 WHIP In 11 starts with the Jersey Shore BlueClaws.

If Robert turns out to be the missing piece of the puzzle for the Phillies in winning the World Series championship, then it may be worth it all in the end. But suppose his ongoing injury troubles continue to plague him, affecting his overall effectiveness, as seen this season. In that case, the hefty investment of blowing a part of their promising future on an injury-prone star may not be the wisest choice the Phillies could make.