Phillies' Kyle Schwarber surprisingly sneaks into Top 10 left fielder rankings

MLB Network revealed their top left fielders and surprisingly added Schwarber to the list despite the fact he won't be playing there in 2024.
Philadelphia Phillies Kyle Schwarber ranked as a Top 10 left fielder by MLB Network
Philadelphia Phillies Kyle Schwarber ranked as a Top 10 left fielder by MLB Network / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

We won't debate Kyle Schwarber's impact on this Philadelphia Phillies team. He's a big clubhouse presence, he's popular with the fans, and he has hit 40-plus homers in both years in Philadelphia. He's undoubtedly one of the best pure power hitters in the game.

What he isn't however, by any stretch of the imagination, is a capable outfielder. Which is why it's odd to see him sneak into MLB Networks' Top 10 left fielder rankings for 2024.

Hey, we get it. As a line made famous in a 1999 Nike commercial puts it: "Chicks dig the long ball." So do the voters at MLB Network, apparently, because that is the only reason why "Schwarbs" would end up on a list like this.

The thing is though, manager Rob Thomson has said Schwarber isn't part of the plans for left field going into 2024. He'll exclusively be a DH going forward, as he probably should have been all along. This means we may have seen the last of his outfield antics. It wasn't all bad, though. In fact, here are three moments that prove the slugger could provide some highlight reel stuff on the defensive side of the ball.

No. 1: His leaping catch at the wall against the Brewers

See, this is the kind of guy Schwarber is. He knew it was this fan's birthday and decided to defy gravity and soar higher than most people thought he was capable of to save a home run against the Milwaukee Brewers. A true man of the people.

No. 2: His diving catch in St. Louis

Would Johan Rojas or Brandon Marsh have made this catch standing up? Maybe. Probably not. This is a heck of a play against the St. Louis Cardinals. Give the man some credit.

No. 3: His tumble over the wall into a fan's lap in Atlanta

We had to go back to his days with the Chicago Cubs for this one. This just shows that his commitment to beating the Atlanta Braves was there even before coming to Philly.

Keep in mind, Schwarber also has experience at first base, if Bryce Harper ever needs a day off.