Phillies infielders already competing for bragging rights of 'fastest Phillie' this season

Bryson Stott and Trea Turner are already engaging in friendly competition for most stolen bases this season.

Philadelphia Phillies infielders Trea Turner and Bryson Stott are in competition for the most steals in 2024
Philadelphia Phillies infielders Trea Turner and Bryson Stott are in competition for the most steals in 2024 / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

Philadelphia Phillies fans are being rewarded for their patience this offseason, with tons of Phillies content coming from Clearwater during spring training. There have been a lot of noteworthy bits and pieces from interviews and practices, content to keep our plate full until the start of the season.

To add to that, Bryson Stott shared a funny detail with NBC reporters when asked about his 31 stolen bases last year:

"I've never stolen 30 bases in my life, so I think that was pretty cool," Stott said. "And I'm just kinda messing with Trea [Turner] and telling him that he's supposed to be the fast guy, and I somehow stole more bases than him."

Shortstop Trea Turner carried his reputation as a speed demon on the base paths with him to Philly. In his first year with the Phillies, Turner stole an impressive 30 bases, increasing his career total to 230 stolen bases. However, 30 wasn't enough to take the title of fastest on the team, as Stott edged him out by only one. It's hilarious to think of Stott busting Turner for beating him by one bag.

Turner confirmed to the media with a shake of his head that Stott does like to troll him about that. So there's some friendly competition within the team! We like the sound of that, it shows the strength of Turner and Stott's relationship and the accountability to want to do better and be the fastest guy on the team.

Phillies plan to continue taking advantage of MLB rule changes

Turner and Stott both talked further about stealing bases this season and how there will be more opportunities to do so between the speed on the team and the new MLB rules.

"It's fun stealing. I think we have some guys that can really run, and I think we're going to try that again," said Stott.

Turner, for his part, said that he would like to steal more in 2024. After going a perfect 30-for-30 in the regular season and 4-for-5 in the postseason last year, we don't blame him.

"I think there's opportunities to steal more for sure," Turner added. "And just with the new rules and everything, I think it's set up to kind of take advantage and put pressure on the other team."

Phillies fans can expect aggressive baserunning from the team this year, especially from Turner and Stott, who will be competing with each other for the most stolen bases. It will be fun to keep up with this over the season and see who comes away with the title of fastest Phillie this year.